We are back to pain management. The brace is off when I'm in relatively safe environments such as home and the office. It's best to wear it when going out because it can protect against the occasional accidental bash. My right arm looks a bit of a state. The skin is not in good condition. I need to get used to the lack of support and I'm back on painkillers this morning. It is best described as a dull ache.

Anyway onward and upward. I have another X-ray in 3 weeks which will hopefully be the last and I start physiotherapy next to get the arm moving again. Top tips: 1. Don't fracture your arm; 2. Don't fracture your arm when you're over 40.

I lost 287g in 30 seconds yesterday. No this is not a new weight-loss programme; it's simply what the brace weighs. For the first time in two months, I've taken a weight reading without a T-shirt and without the brace. And I've registered my lowest weight since records began. It's probably fair to say I haven't been 77kg since 2014, not that this is the important metric. I have a spare tire still and I need to work on it.

I'm also in deeper ketosis this morning. We had salmon, asparagus and salad for dinner. I also had a very large piece of cheese and I confess a glass of wine. The more I examine what I'm doing, the more I feel that the eating window is more important than everything else, followed by the quality of the food.

Yesterday, I made Borsch and today we will have it with bread at some point. I would not normally eat bread on a weekday. It will be interesting to see if this affects the stats in any way.

Here are the stats (amber due to the wine):