I had a fairly sedentary day yesterday and broke the back of a piece of work that I've been in the rut with for a couple of days. In theory, the rest should just flow out today between meetings. It's day 99 and my weight is resetting to the weekly normal, dropping 800g in the last 24 hours.

I have a new "rule" - a maximum of 3 cups of coffee a day. If I want coffee after that I have decaf and it counts towards my water intake. This is to help me with sleep. Last night I had a valerian root tea and went to bed to read around 845. Although I didn't actually go to sleep until after 10, the process helped me get to sleep. Good sleep is essential anyway, but very essential for good dieting progress.

The cold of the last two days was getting to me more than I realised and we succumbed and put the heating on. I feel much more comfortable having taken the edge of the chill off.

We had meatloaf, broccoli and salad. I had a piece of cheese as well. We did have a glass of wine, but you can't watch a London Philosophical Society lecture about the soul without wine - can you?