I'm back on the wagon and I've started a diet this week. I managed to stick to the rules every day more and or less. The less: I ate too much cheese for the Slow-Carb diet. A small amount is usually okay, but I had it every day. I also had a small amount of sour cream.

The worst mistake I made was on Thursday when I ate some coleslaw with sugar in it. I checked the ingredients twice but missed the sugar. There was only 3.8g so I got away with it.

I started each morning with a Bulletproof-style coffee - black coffee with butter and MCT oil, with the exception of Thursday when I had some good quality turkey slices. The coffee kept me going until lunchtime. My lunch was either a riceless burrito bowl from Chipotle (hence the cheese and sour cream) or a salad from Pret a Manger. In the evening I ate meat or fish with vegetables.

The picture shows a meal that is allowed - I will caveat that this is a large meal for the diet. Bacon is allowed provided there is no sugar on it (Sainsbury's and Jolly Hog sell such bacon - in Sainsbury's you need to look hard for it but it is there). The salad is dressed in a mayonnaise made of oil and eggs - no sugar. There are commercial options, but most mayonnaise has sugar in it.

All but one day I managed to walk over 10000 steps. The exception was yesterday where I needed to get to work in a hurry and used the tube instead of walking over London Bridge to the office.

By Friday I was in a ketosis state and I'm still in that state as I type - I'm burning fat. Today I've had a Bulletproof coffee and I will at some point be starting a cheat day.

My weight at the beginning of the week was 85.2kg (17.55kg body fat) and this morning it's 84kg (16.88kg) so I've shifted some fat if the scales can be believed. I find that the first week strips out the glycogen store, so these figures may be misleading but I expect to be between 83 and 84kg for the next couple of weeks.

I did not drink any alcohol this week.

My waist is a worrying large 37" (99.7cm) and although I think my bad back is skewing the measurement, I want to see it come down.

I'm feeling generally energetic during the day, but I'm having trouble getting up which I suspect is due to not being used to the ketosis state.

I didn't measure anything until I started the diet on Monday and expected the numbers to be up. December was a month of eating and drinking with little exercise to compensate. I put my back out for a week which meant even less movement. I need to push forward and keep up the good work.

Full stats here:

[caption id="attachment_8980" align="aligncenter" width="458"] Diet Statistics 11/1/2020[/caption]