I've had a relatively normal week on the diet and I've declared each day as a success. I end the week at 82kg with 16.07kg of fat. The numbers are going in the right direction.

There were three activities this week which could have caused a problem on the diet. There were two nights at the pub with BCS colleagues and suppliers. On both occasions I had a red wine but less than the 250ml that is allowed on the diet. I had not intended to drink during the week, but so be it. The other activity was a leaving lunch at the Flat Iron Square. This diet can be expensive. I had a bunless burger with cheese for £11. There's a possibility that there was some filler in there and perhaps the aioli had sugar. Who knows, but that was the best option available. I also had a glass (250ml) of red wine on Friday night.

The daily (almost) ketosis test results indicate that my ketone levels are low, but according to the weight statistics, I am losing fat - which is the real indicator of progress. The only week where I have been in heavy ketosis was week one. Actually, I do not think I have ever been at that level of ketosis before.

Now I have a confession to make. Every week I have been posting my statistics and OMG - it turns out that my weight loss statistics were wrong. Some of them were based on my initial weight on 6th January and the rest were based on my initial weight of some point last year when I started to measure them. You'll be pleased to hear that they are corrected from this week.

My energy levels have been higher this week, but I need to do better in the sleep department. I'm going to bed early and still not feeling refreshed in the morning. I'm hoping that the longer days of late Winter and Spring will fix this.

It's cheat day today. I am having croissants for breakfast (with jam I made from Blackberry wine pulp which turned out okay), smoked salmon bagels with cream cheese for lunch and a roast in the evening. I'm brewing beer for the first time in months. The sparge water is heating up. There's a severe possibility of some cold ones later on. Happy weekend folks.

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