Sunday also had glorious weather and for me was a day of scholarly activity. I'm reworking sections of my book on Russian Handwriting in order to get the final copy out of the door. The bulk of it is written, but the images need work and the copy needs proof-reading. There is one chapter left to write, which is mostly images. Still, I swotted a few items off the list.

I spent the rest of the day reading.

We managed one meal a day again and had pasta in a homemade ragu. But I succumbed to a couple of glasses of wine. Also, our ice cream came with a limoncello. Oh well. It hasn't affected the statistics really - they would be much worse if I'd had a full cheat day.

I slept appallingly and the Fitbit says otherwise. I'm pretty sure I was awake for most of 211 - 430. I'm not convinced that these trackers get the sleep analysis entirely correct.