It's day 100. Hooray. But we failed on day 99. Boo. Oh well. I got hungry at lunchtime and had a cheese omelette. And I didn't sleep very well. I woke up at 445 with aches where the fracture was, in the elbow and in my wrist. I took a painkiller and it didn't help. So although the Fitbit has reported 7.5 hours of sleep, I didn't get anywhere near that. And it cannot analyse the sleep this morning anyway.

My goal was to get under 80kg and reduce fat. At the beginning of the year, I was 85.2kg and 20.6% fat. I followed a low carb diet more or less. When I started 1MAD, I was 82.1kg and 19.9% fat. Today I'm weighing in at 78.4kg and 18.4% fat. If I continue this week, I'm likely to finish around 77/77.5kg and 18% fat.

I had the added complication of a fractured arm. On the day of the accident, I weighed 78.2kg at 17.9% fat. I was able to do a 75km bike ride fasted and was just building up to comfortable carb fueled 100km rides. Just before I came off the bike I was at 80km and not feeling any fatigue. If I hadn't come off the bike I suspect I would be fitter at this point, possibly with more muscle mass and less fat.

My conclusions then:

  • It's possible to lose weight and more importantly fat using a 1MAD diet during the week, allowing yourself the weekend off
  • Provided you hydrate well and can overcome the occasional hunger pang, you get used to it quickly
  • It is possible to do long-distance exercise once you are in the swing of things, but don't expect to do more than 2-3 hours
  • A 250ml glass of dry wine does not affect the process (and we've seen this before in other diets). In fact, even 375ml does not affect it (a share of a bottle).
  • This is not necessarily a diet for me. In my view, a low carb 2-3 meal a day diet is probably more of a fit or an eating window rather than 1 meal.

What I'm going to do is keep going with a low carb diet and relax the 1 meal a day rule. And I'm going to stop writing a daily article about it for now perhaps switching back to a weekly summary. There were reasons to go public - by publishing what you do, you are less likely to break the rules.