I have consolidated my electronic books onto one platform and decided that for the foreseeable future, I will be using the Kindle. I can also read Kindle books on every modern device I have - on a PC, a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone and a Kindle obviously.

The iBooks application and the books that come with it are nice and easy to read - however I cannot read them on anything other than my iPhone or iPad. Apple is missing a trick by not supplying an iBooks application for the Macintosh*.

Today, I've updated my PhD/Papers page to contain Kindle-friendly versions of the PDFs. I used a tool called BRISS to crop the PDFs and this makes them more readable on the Kindle. Here they are:

You can download them and e-mail them to your Kindle, or use a USB cable and copy them into the documents folder from your computer.

(* of course, they have subsequently.)