28030762434_9dcc245bc5_zMy second grain brew was based on a recipe for Summer Ale and it went fairly well despite forgetting to put the protofloc in the boil. The result was a little cloudy but drinkable. It was very drinkable actually so I've revisited the recipe recently and today is the day it is ready.

This time the hops are coming through in the flavour and it is definitely more like the summer ale style you will get at the pub - not quite an IPA but nearly there. By this I mean, some American brewery hasn't dumped the entire hop output of Kent into it. The protofloc definitely makes a difference in clarity. You can see this in the glass, annoyingly full of bubbles due to dishwashing. The overall taste is better from last time, but of course it is difficult to record a taste.

I'm tasting this at midday for quality control purposes. The inmates of Beer Club #4 are heading in my direction and I suspect that there will be little of the ale left by this evening... But that is okay because there is still some of the London Bitter left in the cellar (I mean garage). Life is tough.