28623708784_09ecd61a48_zYes, I think I've succeeded this time. I wrote previously about a failed attempt at Cherry Lambic and how this time I have tried a Raspberry Lambic (see here and here).

About 10 weeks ago, I brewed the Lambic base beer before syphoning it onto frozen raspberries and adding cultures about 8 weeks ago. After fermenting off the mix for 4 weeks, the beer has been conditioning in a barrel in the garage.

Last night I decided to try the resultant beer. I'm pleased with it. It is slightly sour but that is how it is supposed to be. I will definitely be making a Lambic again but here are my tips for success:

  1. Make the Lambic base beer and syphon it off into a separate dedicated fermenting bin onto the fruit
  2. Use a dedicated bin because the cultures you will add may contaminate the bin
  3. Use frozen fruit - it is already clean and there is less chance of bacterial contamination

See Hughes for a good Lambic recipe.