Today is my 38th birthday and I feel pretty good. I have everything I need - good family, a lovely girlfriend and great friends. I've still got me health too (*cough*). Seriously though, many others in the world are not so lucky, so I'm asking you to consider the following three causes:

1. Children: I'm cycling from London to Amsterdam and then on to Brussels next year for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish grant magical wishes to children and young people who suffer from life-threatening conditions. Please give here.

2. Poverty: Fellow Essex person Jack Monroe has suggested a way to give food to those living under the poverty line for the price of a latte. Buy £3 of goods and give them to a local food bank. Jack has priced up items that will give approximately 22 meals.  Frustratingly I have not been able to help with this effort yet but will try as soon as I'm back in the UK.

3. Freedom: Finally, I'm cycling from London to Brighton in about 5 weeks time in aid of Amnesty International, a charity that aims to protect the freedoms of all. Sometimes we take for granted how much freedom we have. Please give here.