Throughout the day yesterday, my head continued to throb. Around 1430 I decided to have some chicken broth to hike up my sodium levels and it sort of worked. My headache continued throughout the day. In the evening we had a takeaway of fish and chips. Actually, we had this around 1700 which is quite early for us. Still, the headache didn't go away and in the end, I took an Ibuprofen and a St Johns Wort. By 2100 I was shattered and in bed reading.

On a Friday night, I can be found in bed reading classic books on foreign languages. Rock on.

I suspect I was suffering from a form of 'keto flu' - I have been on one meal a day for four days and the food I've eaten has mostly been low-carb. I should really buy some ketosis strips to test.

Here are the statistics:
My weight has gone up a little bit, nothing to worry about. I feel much better this morning due to a good night's sleep. My intention today is to keep going, but let's see - there may well be a small beer or bottle of wine available later on.