I had a complete lard-out yesterday with a McDonald's for lunch, delivered by Uber. It filled a need - a Quarterpounder with cheese, large fries, Filet-o-fish, 6 nuggets and a strawberry milkshake. Then I took my dog for a walk. It's surprisingly difficult with one hand - I had trouble shutting my front door on the way out. Still, she needed the walk and so did I.

In the afternoon, I took it easy with some books, a couple of light beers and some crisps. In the evening I shared a Turkish kebab, rice, bread and salad.

Despite all of this my weight has only increased half a kilo... I'm not sure what I'm going to do today but it's best just to take it easy. My arm relaxed overnight and I'm at least feeling comfortable today.

(The Fitbit has failed to analyse sleep again. I woke at 330, didn't really do well until I completed the Telegraph Sudoku around 530 and went back to sleep afterwards.)