As expected, my weight is up by 1.4kg and I've put some fat back on. This is what happens on the breaks. Just to give you a view of what I did this weekend that caused this: I had eggs royale on Saturday (bread), some doughnuts with afternoon coffee and guests, crisps and beer, fish and chips. Then on Sunday we started the day with croissants and jam, had a lunch of buckwheat and mushrooms, and a dinner of borsch with bread. We had some wine too but not too much.

On Saturday I managed to do some gardening with an old school chum and we corrected almost 2 months of neglect (due to my injury). I did just under 9000 steps just walking around the garden with tools and mowers. We didn't do much on Sunday.

On my legs, I am getting almost symmetrical hives and I'm wondering if this is a reaction to the bread. There is no obvious insect in the house causing bites unless of course, our dog has fleas. I've taken an anti-histamine this morning just in case. I've considered the possibility of having a gluten intolerance for some time. Whatever it is, it is mild.

The dreaded statistics are below. This week will be one of graft and also getting back on the dietary wagon.