I wrote earlier in the year that there seems little point in making wine at home. The main reason is that it is possible to buy good quality wine relatively cheaply, at least for now. At the beginning of the year, I started to make wine every month but I've given up for precisely the reasons in the post.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been meaning to bottle up the last of the wine. And of course, as it always happens when I try to give something up, the wine isn't too bad. I tried to give up golf once after eight shocking holes and then on the ninth, I did it in 2 with a lucky chip onto the green. The clubs lived on for a bit, but ultimately I gave up.

The first one to get bottled was the Mead I made very recently. I don't think I posted about this. It actually tastes of Mead this time, so that is a start. One of my friends is rather partial to it, so three bottles of it will be heading in his direction later on.

The second was the Pineapple wine made in March, but changing the recipe to avoid sugar overload. This one has finished like a Sauterne, so it won't be going in the bin.

The third was the very first wine I made this year, Blackberry Wine. This has turned out as a half decent red. It's slightly sweet but may dry out.

The last one was a Blueberry Wine which is simply too tart. I've mixed some of it with the Blackberry Wine, but given that I want to give up and move on, a lot of it was discarded.

The other wine of 2020 was a Rose. I have one bottle left somewhere, but it is a little sweet for me. A couple of weeks ago I bottled a potato wine I made in 2018. It has oxidised and tastes like a sherry. It's actually turned out quite well.

That leaves me with four empty demijohns which I will fill with sanitiser and put away. They are useful for beer making. I've already got rid of the rest of my wine making equipment so that's the end of that!